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Aisle be Back: The Rugby Championship kicks off

  • By Kevin McCarthy

Argentina should be kicking themselves for not finally nailing the All Blacks on Sunday.

Facing a deliberately weaker visiting side, it really was set up for them.

Not that the All Blacks will ever surrender easily and so we saw. There was a ton of starch in the defensive effort and just enough from the stars to keep yet another challenge at bay.

Nevertheless, you get the feeling that Argentina will have a very good world cup, They actually have done so for a number of tournaments, and it can’t be long before they make a final.

The All Blacks will be happy to have had the sort of rust-breaking workout to start the season. Of course the big guns come out this weekend for both South Africa and New Zealand.

It should be a cracker of course but it would be a mistake to read too much into the result and that it will somehow translate directly into the mega tournament opener between the two sides in Japan.

I sadly won’t be at the Stadium, instead being laid up after a knee operation. So if you are going, scream up a storm on my behalf.

Hard to know how good the Boks will be. The Wallabies looked a bit clueless in their opener in the Republic. Then again, don’t read too much into that.


More Ngani Laumape head slamming against concrete wall in my house this weekend.

One of those player rating stories gave our man a good rating but noted snidely that he still did not .

That’s nuts. SBW is not even playing. Does Ngani, who incidentally is playing, have to compete with a mythical SBW from four years ago? People have to move on, because SBW is very unlikely to come back.


So have you got the departure of Beaudy out of the system yet?

No hiding the fact that it is huge loss. Any team losing the best first-five in the world is going to suffer. That is obvious.

Personally I’m consoled by he thought that we weren’t going to see much of him in the next two years anyway.

Secondly, there’s the intrigue of where the team will go next for its pivot, how that will alter the team style, who the player will be and how they will handle the pressure.

So for me it’s thanks for the memories Beaudy. I doubt the move will work out that well for you, but who knows. And I certainly won’t be in the cretin class who will boo you the firs time you turn out in blue at the stadium.

And if you are one of those deadly outraged fans slinging around accusations of betrayal, what would you do if say someone offered you a 20 per cent pay rise (just a figure) IF you’d wear a blue jersey and turn up 10 times a year to cheer on Auckland. and you could keep the wife happy, and you were a bit bored.

Bet you’d think about it.

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