Aisle be Back:

By Kevin McCarthy  I’m very confident the All Blacks can win the world cup. The 2015 World Cup, unfortunately. After two weeks of doing nothing on an actual live rugby pitch, the 2023 iteration are thankfully finally back in the actual tournament. Not so much flying under the radar, as failing

Aisle be Back: All Blacks v Welwitschias

By Kevin McCarthy It’s only day 6 of the Special Rugby Operation, and everything is going to plan. The All Blacks have successfully fooled the world into thinking they are in fact the fourth-best side in the pecking order and flirting with fifth or sixth. They’re keeping their strategies safe for future

Aisle be Back: The Rugby World Cup begins

By Kevin McCarthy  You can’t go anywhere right now without someone talking about who’s going to win the World Cup. Ask the question and get five or more different answers. Important question of course, but not one to focus on. After all, there are 24 teams. So, what is that –