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How does being a rugby fan help you to bet on it

How does being a rugby fan help you to bet on it

Rugby is celebrated worldwide, and millions of fans enjoy betting on this popular sport. From the UK to New Zealand, rugby fans are passionate about their home teams. But do you really need to be a fan to make successful rugby bets? Or can you bet on rugby teams with little knowledge?

We’ve researched how being a rugby fan can affect your bets and the advantages of knowing the game well before gambling. If you’re starting to play with rugby bets, or perhaps you want extra tips, keep reading. Find out how rugby fans can benefit from their game knowledge and expertise here!

How does rugby betting work?

Before we jump into why being a rugby fan is beneficial, we’ll give a quick overview of rugby betting and betting online. Make sure you’ve researched the ins and outs of sports betting before hedging your bet. Knowledge is power when it comes to sports betting!

Always remember to bet safely too. If betting isn’t feeling like entertainment anymore, consider stepping away and taking a break from playing.


Handicap betting involves determining the number of points a team needs to win. Here, you can bet on your favourite team and by how much they will defeat their opponents. You can also bet on underdog teams and guess how much they’ll win or lose by.

Tournaments and seasons

Rugby is known for its large tournaments and competitive seasons. One of the most popular ways to get in on the action is by betting on the overall winner of the season or event, not the winner of individual games.

This is also referred to as ‘outright betting’, and it’s a common betting technique throughout most sports. Since rugby has tournaments worldwide every year, there’s always a different event to take part in.

Over/under bets

Another popular way to bet on rugby is via over/under bets. This is where punters bet on the total combined score of the game. Bets are placed before play, and the bookies develop a hypothetical result. Odds will be created, and these may fluctuate throughout play.

Does being a rugby fan help you bet?

As you may guess, being a genuine fan of the sport will improve your chances of placing a successful bet. Fans tend to have better insights into the players, grounds and general likelihood of a win. Thanks to years of enjoyment, fans can turn their hobby into a secret betting tool.

Of course, no one can ever truly know a result, but having in-depth fan knowledge will put you in a better position. Let’s look at the key elements that place fans ahead of general punters in rugby betting.

Better understanding of form

One of the essential components of rugby play is a team’s form. This isn’t only needed in rugby; form is essential in all sports. Form tends to be linked to the team’s confidence and player’s motivation, which is harder to muster up if the team isn’t having a great season.

True rugby fans will know the ins and outs of the season, allowing them to understand players’ mental states better. If you’ve watched each game, you’ll likely be able to predict how confident each team is feeling.

Knowledge of player’s strengths

Another way fans have higher ground when betting is by knowing the players’ strengths. If you’ve never watched a rugby game in your life, the team line-up won’t affect your opinion. However, dedicated fans will be able to look at the team and make an informed bet based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Each player has a different set of strengths and weaknesses, so you can decide which type of bet is more likely to cash out from this knowledge.

Understanding of team’s skills

Finally, rugby fans are more likely to know where and how a team will succeed. All teams practice in different locations and offer different skills. Knowing where the group performs best will also allow you to increase your chances of winning.

For example, in an international championship, teams from the UK may not fare so well in hot weather. The heat and humidity might decrease their standard playing ability, and fans will be able to factor this knowledge into their predictions.

Final thoughts

Being a rugby fan will indeed help you to place more accurate bets. Thanks to a deeper understanding of the game and knowledge of the season, you’ll be able to gauge outcomes better than the standard punter. Always do your research first!

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