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Today speaks for tomorrow – Teru Time Reaches 200 games for Wainuiomata

Teru Time playing in Wainuiomata’s recent win over Oriental-Rongotai – one of his favourite matches in green and black. Photo: Dave Brownlie 

  • By Adam Julian

Teru Time will play his 200th match for Wainuiomata against Johnsonville at Helston Park on Saturday.

Reflecting upon his milestone with the Wainuiomata squad on Tuesday night, Time said to his teammates that “today speaks for tomorrow.”

Wainuiomata won’t make the Jubilee Cup in 2024 but Time is adamant Wainuiomata’s administration is in the strongest position it’s been since he joined the club.

“Giving back,” camaraderie” and “learning” is just as important as winning trophies.

“I don’t feel like the hard work we’ve put in this season has gone unnoticed. We’ve won four games and showed we can compete with any club. We’ve got to keep looking forward. Working hard and being a good person on and off the field eventually has its rewards,” Time said.

“We’ve got several young players coming through we can build a team around. The women are resurgent, the community is strong.”

In May Wainuiomata beat Jubilee Cup champions Oriental Rongotai 31-24 at the Polo Ground, a win Time described as one of his best in green and black.

Teru Time and teammates discussing the match with the referee against Petone at home earlier this season. Photo: Andy McArthur.

On February 22, 2011, Time is working at the BNZ bank in Christchurch. During his lunch break, he’d typically visit Les Mills gym beside the CTV building for a workout. His routine fortunately changed that sunny Tuesday.

“I had some family down, so we decided to go for a feed. At 12:51 pm the earthquake struck, and I saw the cathedral collapse. I hate to think what would have happened if I was at the gym.” Time reflects.

115 people died in the CTV building collapse. Time didn’t escape the earthquake entirely unscathed.

“I remember going back to work collecting my gym gear and helping some people get out of the BNZ building. When I got home, I didn’t need the front door key. My house was badly damaged, but not as bad as some others. We had a couple of people stay with us until we resolved what to do next.”

Time chose to return home, but playing rugby wasn’t necessarily guaranteed after a long history of injuries.

“Between 2007 and 2010 I played for High School Old Boys, but 2010 was the only full season I had. I have done my ACL and both shoulders.” Time complains.

Time was only supposed to be a “temporary replacement” when he turned up for Wainuiomata practice shortly after relocating, but two tries in his inaugural Premier appearance and the inspiration of a close mate soon changed that.

“At Wainui, you only receive a blazer if you play 100 games, at other clubs the criteria aren’t as strict. I grew up with Sape Misa and when he received his blazer for 100 games, he was so proud. I wanted to emulate Sape and do something really meaningful.”

Time, who runs his own insurance company, reached 100 games in 2017 against Tawa, the same side he debuted against in April 2011. Wainuiomata lost that match for the Chris Stirling Cup at Tawa 24-12, but Time converted the second of Isaiah Mamea’s two tries.

In that first century of games, Time helped Wainuiomata make the Jubilee Cup semi-finals in 2012, 2014 and 2016. The high point was when he played centre in the 2014 Jubilee Cup final.

“The club will always be a small community, but I think the stigma of crossing the hill has gone and making that final was a big part of it,” Time reflected.

Time playing in pre-season this year. Photo: Steven White.

“We’ve had a core group of guys who’ll always be invested in the club, but we’ve been able to attract outsiders which rarely happened. Andrew Wells has been great for us this season and I’m really hopeful Reuben Love makes the All Blacks.

“To play Hutt Old Boys Marist in that final, and my 150th was doubly special. It’s a keen local rivalry and being a St Bernard’s old boy lots of my friends and family are involved with Hutt.

Time is cousins with Rei, Brett and Lake Manaia who all played for HOBM. Brett Manaia played his 100th game for the Eagles against Petone in the McBain Shield on Saturday.

“In 2013 we were playing Hutt Old Boys Marist, and I was having a blinder. I was feeling confident even though it was a close game, so I dared Lake to run at Henry Stowers (another cousin) and me. He bowled us over and scored the winning try. He still gives us stick about it.” Time rues.

Hutt Old Boys Marist won the Swindale Shield in 2019 but Wainuiomata would usurp their local rivals in the Jubilee Cup winning their encounter at that stage of the season 28-19 and making another Jubilee Cup final. Time was injured but making another decider left an indelible impression.

“We beat Ories 21-20 at the Polo Ground in the semi. Josh Roberston-Weepu kicked a last-minute penalty. I remember standing on the sideline beside coach Daniel Farani who doesn’t show a lot of emotion and we just went crazy. We’ve been through a lot together and to have a moment like that is why you play rugby,” Time said.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t win the final against a quality Norths side, but we put up a great fight against an awesome team. Connor Garden-Bachop played that day for Norths. He was a special talent, a smiley good man. On behalf of Wainui, I’d like to express our thoughts and prayers to our Norths brothers following his passing.”

Wainuiomata did beat Norths in the 2019 season. They also beat Old Boys University when the students held the Jubilee Cup. In 2020 Time would at last win a final against Hutt Old Boys Marist, the Hardham Cup decider 17-15 at the Petone Rec. Hawke’s Bay flanker Sam Smith scored a try and Tyler Tane slotted four penalties. That season Wainuiomata also edged Petone 28-23 to win the Darren Larsen Cup in the ‘Trei Mu game.’ Wainuiomata’s winger scored a miracle try in the last play.

“As I’ve got older and slower I’ve moved into the forwards. I started on the wing, and I’ve been as far in as lock. I enjoy it, I don’t know why I was a back in the first place,” Time laughed.

“I’m very honoured to have played 200 games for Wainuiomata. I promise my presentation will be an hour shorter than Jason Love.”

200 Games for Wainuiomata

  • Allan Parker – 220
  • Gavin Halkett – 210
  • Jason Love – 200

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  1. Congratulations Teru 200 games You are a Legend, Warrior,Champion, Hard Man.💚🖤💯 I was there for your 1st game and wouldn’t Miss your 200th.Enjoy Every Moment of It.Will share a kava or beer tomorrow night back in our Club.

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