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[Polls] Surveying the audience for future direction of Club Rugby

Club Rugby hopes to return in 2024 – which would be our 20th season covering rugby from the ground up in Wellington and the lower North Island.

There is still a few weeks of rugby to come in 2023, plus some sevens tournaments,  before the off-season descends.

Some content re-evaluation for next year is in the pipeline and as a starter for this there are three polls below. It would be helpful please now that you have clicked on this article to answer. The answers are not set in stone, but perhaps we can gauge a trend or two here!

The polls relate to the delivery and style of the content we are covering and what rugby we could be covering next year if we were change direction or keep doing what we do as the case may be.

Our general philosophy is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but ideas or suggested ways for us to grow and adapt to the changing online environment are welcome.

For more, please get in touch. The best way for that is to email Club Rugby at:

Poll 1:

As a reader and supporter of Club Rugby, what content direction would you prefer to see given these three choices?

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Poll 2:

Given the existing content as seen on Club Rugby, is there ONE aspect below of it that you value above others?

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Poll 3: 

If Club Rugby branched out and started to cover other rugby on a regular basis, are any of these a preference?

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Poll 4 (not related to the above):

Who do you think will win the Rugby World Cup?

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Thank you for your honest feedback.

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    1. Believe it is at Nairnville Park on Saturday at 1.00pm.
      To be confirmed, and will be in the preview article tomorrow (Friday).

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