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POLL: Pick the 2023 Jubilee Cup winner, plus competition explainer

The 2023 Jubilee Cup kicks off this coming Saturday, 1 July.

Final Swindale Shield Standings

  1. Paremata-Plimmerton – 60
  2. Johnsonville – 51
  3. Old Boys University – 51
  4. Upper Hutt Rams – 45
  5. Marist St Pats – 44
  6. Petone – 44
  7. Tawa – 42
  8. Oriental-Rongotai – 42
  9. Hutt Old Boys Marist – 41
  10. Pōneke – 22
  11. Wainuiomata – 17
  12. Northern United – 15
  13. Avalon – 12
  14. Wellington – 1

Johnsonville is seeded ahead of OBU and Tawa ahead of Ories based on their head-to-head results from the first round.

Who do you think will win the 2023 Jubilee Cup Wellington club rugby championship?

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The first week of finals this coming weekend weekend will have the following matchups:

Jubilee Cup

  •  Paremata-Plimmerton (1) v Upper Hutt Rams (4)
  • Johnsonville (2) v Old Boys University (3)
  • Marist St Pats (5) v Oriental-Rongotai (8)
  • Petone (6) v Tawa (7)

Hardham Cup

  •  Hutt Old Boys Marist (9) v Wellington (14)
  • Põneke (10) v Avalon (13)
  • Wainuiomata (11) v Northern United (12)


To clarify, here is how the next month of Wellington Premier club rugby works:

Week One (1 July)

Swindale Top Four: Playoff amongst either other with 1 v 4 and 2 v 3. The winners proceed to the Jubilee Cup preliminary finals in Week 3, while the losers use their ‘life’ and go into the semi-finals in Week 2

Swindale 5th to 8th: Playoff amongst each other with 5 v 8 and 6 v 7. The winners stay in the Jubilee Cup and meet the losers of the top four in the semifinals the next week, the losers drop into the Hardham Cup

Swindale 9th to 14th: Playoff amongst each other with 9 v 14, 10 v 13, and 11 v 12. These set placement in the Hardham Cup quarter-finals the next week.

Week Two (8 July)

Jubilee Cup: Semi-finals between the winners of the two 5th-8th matches from week one against the losers of the top four matches. The winners go on to the Jubilee Cup preliminary finals, the losers are eliminated.

Hardham Cup: Quarter-finals; the highest-ranked loser of the 5th-8th matches plays the lowest-ranked loser from the week before, the other 5th-8th loser plays the next-lowest ranked loser and so on. The winners move onto the Hardham Cup semi-finals and the losers are eliminated.

Week Three (15 July)

Jubilee Cup: Preliminary Finals; the winners from the top four matches in Week One host the winners of the semi-finals of Week Two. The winners of these contest the Jubilee Cup the following week, the losers are eliminated

Hardham Cup: Semi-finals between the winners of the four matches in Week Two. The winners of these matches contest the Hardham Cup final with the losers eliminated.

Week Four (22 July)

Finals of both the Jubilee and Hardham Cups


Jubilee Cup – last 20 winners:

2022: Northern United
2021: Tawa
2020: Old Boys University
2019: Northern United
2018: Old Boys University
2017: Old Boys University
2016: Tawa
2015: Old Boys University
2014: Hutt Old Boys Marist
2013: Tawa
2012: Marist St Pat’s
2011: Oriental-Rongotai
2010: Northern United
2009 Marist St Pat’s
2008 Marist St Pat’s/Northern United
2007 Hutt Old Boys Marist
2006 Northern United
2005 Petone
2004 Northern United
2003 Poneke

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