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Rugby In 2024: What To Expect?

Rugby In 2024: What To Expect?

Whether you’re a die-hard Rugby fanatic or simply excited about the upcoming event, we have got you covered for the Rugby Sevens tournament at the 2024 Summer Olympics! On sites like bet365 , this variant of Rugby has taken the world by storm. Though the Rugby Sevens is a new addition to the Summer Olympics with its 2016 debut at Rio, it quickly escalated with plentiful stardom and fans gushing with enthusiasm. The upcoming tournament will feature the world’s best men and women players competing at the iconic Stade de France from July 24th-31st.

The top four squads of the 2022-2023 World Rugby Sevens Series are certain to secure the men’s and women’s spots for the respective NOC with the continental championship. The remaining spot of the twelve-team field for Paris 2024 will be offered to the winner of the 2024 Final Olympic Qualification Tournament, which will be scheduled around a month before the game gets going.

Every World Rugby Regional Association will organize an Olympic Qualification Tournament between 31st May- 31st Dec 2023, with the winner of every designated men’s and women’s tournament earning a place in Paris 2024. Get ready to cheer on your favourite teams and experience the thrill of the game like never before. The road to the Olympics starts here.

Mark Your Calendar Right Away!

The men’s tournament will commence before the 26th of July, i.e. the Opening Ceremony. The quarter-finals and the pool phase are lined up on the 24th and 25th of July. The medal events, classification matches and semi-finals are scheduled for the 27th of July. And the women’s tournament is set to take place from the 29th to the 31st of July.

A Confirmed Spot!

The World Rugby Seven Series ended with a confirmation of four spots for the Paris 2024 Olympics- New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Fiji. With France’s men and women being pre-qualified for being the host, five teams are already established for the BIG event.

These selected teams will be joined by another seven to complete 12 for the Olympic programme. How about the remaining classification? Six spots will be spelt in the different continental tournaments. There will be one qualified for South America  (Montevideo- 17th & 18th June), Europe (Krakow- 21st June to 3rd July), North America (to be designated), Africa (to be designated), Asia (to be designated) and Oceania (to be designated).

Concurrently, the last qualifier for Paris 2024 will be determined in the Olympic Repechage (June 2024), which will have 12 teams participating (2 for every continental tournament).

As things stand, the game will mark the centenary of the Paris 1924 Olympics, the year the city invented an enduring fixture and held the sports event. Paris is set to introduce some crowd-thrilling activities like skateboarding, surfing and breakdancing to keep visitors engaged while cramming the capital.

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