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The definitive list of the Best National Rugby Teams

The world of rugby rankings is a clear platform to determine the best national rugby teams on the rise.

And it was not just a whirlwind championship but the tenth Rugby World Cup and the 200th anniversary of the sport. Unquestionably, rugby is an evolving sport and is expected to only grow bigger in the coming years. Besides all the zest and insane energy the game brings in, Ruby-fanatics are hooked onto the sport for some serious betting; just like the bet365 bonus code nz.

Whether we speak of the history, national psyche or culture; the sport is painting the world red boasting over 2.3 million registered players, 120 member nations and 405 million fans.

Best National Rugby Teams On The Rise

A quirky blend of aggressive physicality and teamwork; and a crazy marathon to grab the top spot.

Listing down the best national rugby teams on the rise.

South Africa

South Africa has been topping the charts of best national Rugby teams for yonks. The African country does not fail to impress fans with its many smooth winnings. Even though the country has been represented a few times, it has emerged as a significant accomplishment.

Those familiar with the sport are certainly well aware of mighty Springboks. South Africa successfully has the second most under 18 male players. The county famously has the second-highest number of registered players i.e more than 4,05,000 registered players.

New Zealand

Let’s begin with honouring the fact that rugby is New Zealand’s national sport. The All Blacks have been the best in the rugby world despite a small population. A stupefying 77% win rate and a three world cup record trophy.

Three time winners of the World Cup, famous All Blacks have players making a statement in the professional Rugby history – Keven Mealamu, Richie McCaw, Joe Rokocoko and Daniel Carter. The team does not fail impressing the sports fanatics at a lightning speed with a whooping record of 16 titles.


The popularity of the sport in France is pretty evident with a spiked number of registered players standing at 5,42,000. The count is more than any other country.

At present, the French team is the third-best in the world with the most sought-after players. A swift transition of the country, France went from being volatile to a consistent player which was most evidently seen in the 2015 World Cup. Although, the country is still awaiting their first title in the world.


With more than 300 Rugby clubs in Wales, the team is strongly considered as a performer given that they achieved 37 Home Championship, 22 Triple Crowns and 12 Grand Slams. Although in the World Cup, Wales failed to go beyond a third place in the first edition of the World Cup.

Wales’ unconditional love of Rugby has always been the talk of the town. The team has given the sport some of the most incredible players such as Barry John, JPR Willaims, Gareth Edwards and Phil Bennet. As for the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Wales is reckoned to be an outsider.

Rugby is one of the oldest and most stated sports in Europe and around the globe. The achievements of these aforementioned Rugby teams and their best players depict their team spirit and a great sense of community.

The game of Rugby is full of great stories and a few icons; who are remarkable.

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