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Hurricanes U16s tournament this week in Upper Hutt

Updated below (with a couple of corrections from version 1.0 on Sunday night): After two disrupted years, the Hurricanes U16s tournament returns in full this week, to be played at the new Campus of Innovation and Sport (CIS) on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

As always, the teams are split into two divisions. The Division 1 teams play for the Don Broughton Shield and the Division 2 sides for the Saracens Cup.

There has already been one pre-tournament round, with Wellington A pipping Wellington B 17-16 and Manawatu beating Hawke’s Bay A 18-10 in Division 1 matches and Wairarapa-Bush beating Whanganui 33-5 and Poverty Bay beating Hawke’s Bay B 55-21.

Rounds two and three are played on Monday and Tuesday, with Wednesday being a rest day and Thursday Finals Day when the 2022 champions will be crowned and a tournament team will be selected.

All Round two matches tomorrow will observe a minutes’ silence before kick-off in memory of Sam Doyle and other members of the Hurricanes whanau who have passed away over the past 12 months.

The draw for the first two days is below

Division 1:


Wellington A v Hawke’s Bay, CIS 2, 11.00am

Manawatu v Wellington B, CIS 2, 2.30pm


Manawatu v Wellington A, CIS 2, 1.30pm

Wellington B v Hawke’s Bay, CIS 3, 2.30pm

Division 2


Ngati Porou East Coast v Wairarapa-Bush, CIS 3, 11.30am

Horowhenua-Kapiti v Poverty Bay. CIS 2, 12.30pm

Hawke’s Bay B v Whanganui U16, CIS 2, 1.30pm (non-competition match)


Ngati Porou East Coast v Whanganui, CIS 2, 11.00am

Horowhenua-Kapiti v Hawke’s Bay B, CIS 3, 11.30am

Wairarapa-Bush v Poverty Bay, CIS 3, 12.30pm (non-competition match)

  • The two finals on Thursday are on CIS 2 at 10.30am and 12.00pm and the two consolation finals kicking off on both fields at 9.00am.
  • There is also an additional match at 10.00am Monday morning at nearby Trentham Memorial Park between a Wellington City U16 selection and Taranaki U16.

About the Don Broughton Shield

A full article about the Broughtons and the silverware that bears the family name can be read here:

An extract from the link above about Don Broughton, of whom the Shield is named after is below:

“On moving to Levin from South Taranaki, Don Broughton joined the Levin Wanderers Rugby Football Club and is said to have played in the Horowhenua Māori team against the Wellington Māori side in 1954 and 1956. He played for the Levin Wanderers Club until he was well over 50 years old, as a flanker and No. 8.

“It is believed that Don married Mona Paki (Muaupoko, Rangitane) from Hokio Beach and his only son Tane (now deceased) represented Horowhenua at the Under 16 representative level. It is thought that it was at this time in 1972, that Don presented the Hurricanes Youth Rugby Council Shield that carries his name.

“Don worked for the Levin Municipal Abattoir and he was actively involved in youth rugby in the Levin area, also donating a trophy for the local Saturday morning competition. He was a great supporter of youth rugby, with a strong sense of community spirit.”

Division A winners since 2012 (last 10 years)

2012: Wellington RFU
2013: Wellington RFU
2014: Hawkes Bay RFU
2015: Wellington RFU
2016: Wellington RFU
2017: Wellington RFU
2018: Hawkes Bay RFU
2019: Wellington RFU
2020: Tournament not played owing to COVID
2021: Hawkes Bay RFU

Players of the Tournament

The Players of the Tournament since 2012 (10 years ago) have been:

2012: Leni Apisai (Wellington RFU)

2013: Nese Solia, (Wellington RFU)

2014: Braydon Iose, (Manawatu RFU)

2015: Naitoa Ah Kuoi, (Wellington RFU)

2016: Maloitofiganofovalene Manuao, (Wellington RFU)

2017: Ropati So’oalo, (Wellington RFU)

2018: Treyah Kingi-Taukomo, (Hawkes Bay RFU)

2019: Dominic Ropeti, (Wellington RFU)

2020: Tournament not played owing to COVID

2021: “Tournament Team” not named owing to COVID disrupted Tournament.

2012 Tournament Team

The Tournament team in 2012 (10 years ago) is listed below:

  1. Delano Morkel (Wellington)
  2. Leni Apisai (Wellington)
  3. Sean Morrison (Hawke’s Bay)
  4. Edwin Laver (Hawke’s Bay)
  5. Isaia Walker-Leawere (Poverty Bay)
  6. Peter Pili (Wellington)
  7. Te Atuarere Albert (Whanganui)
  8. Hugh Renton (Hawke’s Bay)
  9. Kemara Hauiti-Parapara (Wellington)
  10. TJ Va’a (Wellington)
  11. Aleks Noble-Campbell (Wellington)
  12. Eli Vole (Wellington)
  13. Malo Tuitama (Wellington)
  14. Jared Adams (Wellington)
  15. Josh Robertson-Weepu (Wellington)
  16. Joe Edwards (Whanganui)
  17. Alex Fidow (Wellington)
  18. Anthony Pettett (Wellington)
  19. Victor Knight (Wellington)
  20. Caleb Makene (Hawke’s Bay)
  21. Jonah Lowe (Hawke’s Bay)
  22. Luther Hirini (Horowhenua-Kapiti

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