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Best online casino games for sport lovers

Online casino games and sports are two things most people wouldn’t immediately think of being in the same vein, but they are closer than you might think. The thrill of watching online slot reels or the roulette wheel spin is similar to the excitement of watching high-end sporting fixtures, with online gamblers regularly feeling the same adrenaline rush. Similarly, participating in games like online poker can result in the same tactical challenge as sports like tennis or boxing.

In the aftermath of a huge result for the All Blacks versus South Africa, we thought we’d explore the link between online casino games and sport more closely. There are countless options out there for sports lovers these days, from sports-themed online slots to enthralling live casino games. Stay with us as we explore the best online casino games for sports lovers.

Sports and online casinos: can they mix?

Online casino players and sports purists may not think the two things can mix, but that’s an exceptionally reductive way of looking at it. Although the online casino experience can never be exactly the same as playing or watching sports (and vice versa), there are plenty of similarities. For one, online gamblers and sports fans experience the same adrenaline rush when playing or watching, and the same dopamine hit when winning.

Moreover, countless online casino games such as Wildhound Derby or All Win FC use various sports as essential inspiration, further bringing the two sectors together. Gambling expenditure in New Zealand has increased steadily over the last decade, and the games bridging the gap between sports and online casino games are a huge reason why.

Online casino game categories sports fans will love

Although there are numerous similarities between online casino games and sports, you need to know the right game categories to truly experience the closeness. Look below for the best online casino game categories for sports lovers:

  • Slots: Online slots are by far the most popular online casino games nowadays. There are thousands to choose from, brought to us by developers like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. Sports fans will love the sports-themed slots the most. We’ll elaborate on our favourites in the next section.
  • Live casino games: Playing live casino games at sites like Nitro Casino is the best way to get an online gambling thrill. Players can enjoy games like roulette or blackjack with a real-life dealer, live streamed to their computer screen. It ups the ante, making the experience so much more exciting.
  • Fish games: Fish games are quickly increasing in popularity at online casinos, offering players a skill-based and incredibly exciting online gambling option. It’s similar to sports like shooting or angling, as the objective is to catch as many fish as possible using different strengths of cannon.

The best sports-themed online slots

Online slots are arguably the best online casino games for sports fans, mainly because of the countless themes available. Sports-themed online slots come in various shapes and sizes. Here are our favourites:

  • Super Striker: This football-inspired slot offers budding strikers the chance to win 5,000x their stake with a lucrative free spins bonus feature. Players also enjoy the colourful HD graphics, providing an immersive, football-themed, reel-spinning journey.
  • Scudamore’s Super Stakes: Inspired by the legendary jockey Peter Scudamore, Scudamore’s Super Stakes is a horse racing-themed online slot with fantastic aesthetics. Players can also win up to 5,000x their stake, making it even more attractive.
  • Super Sumo: Sumo wrestling is simultaneously one of the most niche and well-known sports in the world, making Super Sumo an attractive proposition to any sports fan. The developer Fantasma has thrown in sticky wilds and a character-based bonus feature, ensuring a particularly fun online slots experience.
  • The Champions: Pragmatic Play has designed a fascinatingly unique football-inspired online slot in The Champions. The primary mechanic is the Momentum Progressive Game, where you must manually choose a spot on the reels and hope it results in a goal. Multipliers of up to 20x are available each time you score, with 100x your stake on offer during the Penalty Shots bonus round.

Don’t forget about online sports betting

While there are numerous online casino games for sports lovers available, don’t forget about online sports betting either. Sports betting platforms are increasing each year, packing an abundance of new features and inventive bet types. Using these platforms is a great way for sports fans to flex their knowledge and place bets in the process.

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